VES Survey International is led by a team of entrepreneurs who share a passion for wellbore surveying and a commitment to innovation and extraordinary service.

Gary Vaughn

Gary Vaughn, Co-Founder of VES Survey International, is based in Corpus Christi, Texas. Mr. Vaughn co-founded Vaughn Energy Services, the predecessor company to VES, in 1999, and oversees all U.S. operations, including service delivery, business development and training and recruitment. He has over 40 years of experience in the survey market, starting with Eastman Whipstock as a surveyor running gyro and magnetic survey instruments and then later as a district manager. Mr. Vaughn has founded and led a number of companies in the directional drilling and surveying market, including Multishot Inc. and Vaughn Guidance.

Nick Wallis

Nick Wallis, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of VES, is based in Tewkesbury, U.K. Mr. Wallis co-founded Vaughn Energy Services, the predecessor company to VES, in 1999 and oversees tool manufacturing, repair and technology development. He started his career in the aerospace industry before joining SperrySun in 1986 to work on the design and development of a gyro survey system. After completing that project, he worked for the company in business development on a worldwide basis. Following that, Mr. Wallis served as Managing Director of Russell Sub-surface until its acquisition in 1999. Mr. Wallis is a Chartered Engineer with a degree in Electronics and an MBA.

Richard Aldaz

Richard Aldaz, Latin America Operations Manager of VES, is based in Quito, Ecuador. He joined VES International in January 2013 from Directsurvey where he was President and CEO. He previously worked for Helmerich & Payne, Schlumberger, and Halliburton in various field operations, sales and management positions, including business development manager. Mr. Aldaz is also an entrepreneur, a member of SPE, and currently serves as Drilling Engineering adjunct professor at National Polytechnic School in Quito, Ecuador.

Andrew Derbyshire

Andrew Derbyshire, General Manager of Gyro Technologies Ltd., is based in Tewkesbury, UK. He graduated in Materials Technology and has worked extensively in the automotive and electronics industries in various disciplines including engineering, business development and purchasing. In 2009, he joined a high-tech silicon MEMS inertial sensor manufacturer as Business Development and General Manager before joining GTL/VES International in 2013.